The Best

Friday, November 10, 2006

Ham and Cheese Sandwich

The best ham and cheese sandwich is at the McNally Robinson Café on Prince Street between Mulberry and Lafayette in Nolita. It is actually a heated ham and gruyere with tomato on whole wheat; it costs $5.50 and is incredibly delicious. It’s a thick sandwich that is not toasted, but heated so the sliced bread is soft and the gruyere drips. The café is connected to the bookshop and overlooks Prince with big windows that open. You will find lots of people writing on laptops at the little tables. Many are having small pots of tea or giant cups of coffee, not sandwiches. Once you give your order, you are instructed to sit down by the woman who runs the shop. Jane sounds like she’s from the islands, but she’s from Zimbabwe. That way you can start writing right away. . . .. for as long as your battery lasts. Free internet access too.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Best Cheap Haircut in NYC

The best cheap and not sleazy haircut is at Sergio's Hair Studio 45 First Avenue near 3rd Street in Manhattan's East Village (ask for Sergio). For $15 you get a shampoo and haircut in a place that isn't a head shaving assembly line like so many of the other cheap cuts in the city. It's a very pleasant low key shop with a small clientele (until this blog is read!) Telephone them at 212-777-3939.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Hummus and Falafel Plate

The best hummus and falfel plate is at Chickpea on Third Avenue near St. Marks Place. The cost is about $5.50. You can have some tomato on top for an extra 50 cents. Ask for it to stay. They serve it on a nice throw-away clear plastic plate. The falafel is very crunchy. The plate is served stylishly with a moat carved in the hummus and some olive oil poured into it. Then a little curry power splashed on.

Saturday, March 26, 2005


The best skate in New York City is served at Jean Claude on Sullivan Street. Your friends won't even know what they are eating. It is so delicious. Price: about $15.

137 Sullivan Street between Prince St. and Houston St.

Belt Buckle

The best belt buckles are found at Kieselstein-Cord on Prince Street. They are imaginative artworks in sterling silver and cost about $1,000.

132 Prince Street between West Broadway and Greene Street.

Chicken Cacciatore

'inoteca on Rivington Street has the best chicken cacciatore in NYC. They have lots of small dishes, but the chicken cacciatore stands out as a most delicious meal in itself that won't be forgotten. The cost is about $8.

98 Rivington Steet @ Ludlow Street

Hot Chocolate

The best hot chocolate in New York City is at Jacques Torres Chocolate Haven. Please, beg them to add a little milk to that wicked hot chocolate. $3.00.

Two locations:

66 Water Street in DUMBO (718) 875-9772

350 Hudson Street on King Street -- West of SOHO (212) 414-2462

A view of the factory helps keep you thinking chocolate during your visit.