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Friday, November 10, 2006

Ham and Cheese Sandwich

The best ham and cheese sandwich is at the McNally Robinson Café on Prince Street between Mulberry and Lafayette in Nolita. It is actually a heated ham and gruyere with tomato on whole wheat; it costs $5.50 and is incredibly delicious. It’s a thick sandwich that is not toasted, but heated so the sliced bread is soft and the gruyere drips. The café is connected to the bookshop and overlooks Prince with big windows that open. You will find lots of people writing on laptops at the little tables. Many are having small pots of tea or giant cups of coffee, not sandwiches. Once you give your order, you are instructed to sit down by the woman who runs the shop. Jane sounds like she’s from the islands, but she’s from Zimbabwe. That way you can start writing right away. . . .. for as long as your battery lasts. Free internet access too.


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