Thursday, October 07, 2004

Eternal Youth, Anyone?

Today I read two articles that got me thinking about repairs to the ravages of old age. One is about how Ray Kurzweil anticipates that nanobots will one day flow through our bodies repairing DNA. With good nutrition, supplements and exercise we might live to that day. And then we will live much longer.

The other article about research published in Science tells how the injection of embryonic stem cells have been shown to replace missing genes in the hearts of genetically engineered gene deficient mice. Two specific secreted molecules send signals that cause the cells to be repaired. It is hoped that the molecules could be isolated to create drugs.

Now I don't know how easy it is to clone embryonic stem cells. But it does sound very promising for Ray Kurzweil's hopes of repairs for aging. I bet it won't be long before people fly off to less regulated countries for a shot of stem cells. Any why not? Like oxygen bars it might even become a fad. . . . that is if the UN doesn't ban it first (as they have been debating).


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