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Mint Juleps
Sunday, June 29, 2003  
I was listening to the tape of Melissa Bank's excellently written book, "The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing". She uses lots of short sentences, reminding me of Hemingway. They are like this (I'll make some up): "I sat. I sang. I read. I waited. I walked " And she goes on.

Anyway what I am getting at is this: at one point in the book the female character (who I assume to be always right) says something like "Don't eat that fortune cookie or the fortune won't come true." And the guy spits it out.

I was absolutely flabbergasted. I thought you had to eat the fortune cookie to make the fortune come true. And for so long I had been getting good fortunes, thinking that my luck was good, eating the cookie to make sure, and then eventually wondering what happened. Why didn't the cookie do its work? I finally stopped believing in the cookies. And now I find out I had been doing it all wrong.

Sunday, June 29, 2003



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