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Mint Juleps
Friday, December 06, 2002  
My brother left for Ethiopia two days ago on, you guessed it, Air Ethiopia. He will be making a visit to Uganda on his two week trip. Part of the trip will be visiting a clubfoot clinic in Uganda and attending a medical conference in Ethiopia. The other part -- visitng wild animals at the game parks. He was always much braver than I. Not that I am afraid of wild animals; it's the people who worry me.

FrolickFult is growing older -- count the days -- but I have to admit that I don't visit him often. (You haven't forgotten him already have you?)

Husi has asked for some help getting computer equipment and software to the school at which he is teaching for the Peace Corps. The school is right under Mount Kilimanjaro. Kusi has been put in charge of computer literacy. I suggested that maybe he could get some help from the Computer Clubhouse. I will be trying to contact them on his behalf.

Enough about them, what about you, you ask? Well, not intending to change the subject at all I answer, I have been browsing through other people's blogs. I saw a very interesting one by a teacher at Northfield Mount Hermon School. He is a great writer, really sensitive and thoughful, and teaches the art of blogging, er, I mean, Media Arts.

Today I found another blog by a student who had an excellent long 5 page wish list at Amazon.com. Not that I want to read all these books, but I am glad to know that they exist. I think I will add A Field Guide to Demons, Fairies, Fallen Angels, and Other Subversive Spirits to my own list.

Friday, December 06, 2002



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